How can you be a parent from afar? You can't - by Pat

By Pat
Trying to be a parent, I mean the discipline part, from here is ridiculous. Even the thought of having a meaningful conversation about brotherly love (or lack thereof) and expect something to come out of it with an 11 year old is ludicrous. So having a talk with my oldest tonight about fighting with his brothers went a little as expected. Except the craziest thing happened, we were actually having a back and forth discussion. Grunts, meh's and i-don't-knows barely came up, which is the standard communication style preferred by my preteen and I usually imagine a neanderthal type creature on the other end of the phone in place of my smart beautiful child. And so we discussed how to deal with a 6 year old brother. Which as we all know is impossible, you can't reason or expect to convince this creature with a logical thought out resolution. No, he's a self made grenade who can pull the pin out at any time and who ever is near him gets the shrapnel, we can just hope time goes by real quick and no one gets seriously hurt, including parents! So, in my attempt to convince my oldest to 'be the better person', Ha, we didn't get far in the agreement of the application of new skills to achieve this. It's just a matter of time before the grenade drops and people jump for cover. The best I could tell him was, next time it happens, get out of the room as soon as you can. We agreed to try the logic part again when he's 7, and all grown up! As for the fighting part, strict loss of privileges will have to do. That gets felt even from out here. Pat


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