5 Ways to Less Daily Chaos

By Nicole

In a large or blended family, things will feel chaotic sometimes--it's inevitable! But there are a few simple steps you can take each day to limit the chaos.

1. Get rid of what you don't use. Donate, donate, donate. 

Keep a bag of clothes that don't fit, stuff you aren't using, toys the kids no longer play with and when it's full, pass it along. Find a spot for everything, if it doesn't have a spot, then get rid of it.

2. Chores

Whether you do a chore chart or keep it casual, have the kids help out with daily basics. Unless you have a housekeper, there is so much to be done everyday to keep the household running smoothly. Have everyone participate in things like cleanup, laundry, yard work. Not only does participating build teamwork in the family, but it also builds valuable skills for life!

3. Have all household members responsible for their own stuff. 

It's easy for an adult to pick up a pair of dirty socks in the living room and put it in the hamper. But, if you do it, then it doesn't remind family members to take off dirty socks and automatically put them in the hamper. A 2 year old can take her shoes when asked and put them in her room (it builds receptive language, following directions and her self esteem for accomplishing something successfully). Children can take their own piles of clothes to their rooms. Older children can put it away and younger children can do it with help. My younger kids have fun learning how to sort, learning colors and counting this way.

4. Make sure everyone is getting plenty of exercise. 

Ever seen a puppy who hasn't been exercised? Kids can act like this too! Bottled up energy leads to running in the house and other annoying activities. Just like we adults need exercise, so do the kids. Keep them active and get outside!

5. Model Calm.

If you are quick to explode and loose your temper, then you are modeling that behavior to you kids. Children watch everything you do including how you handle difficult situations. Model calm, when possible, although not always easy. Remember, although life may be in a state of disorder around you, you don't need to 'feel' chaos inside of you. Even when life is busy, or when things aren't going as planned, you can still choose to be calm.


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