With my boys... finally.

By Pat
Finally at home with my boys, well, more home in spirit then actual home. At a hotel, that has a pool, and vending machines! So easy to forget the things that crack me up about our kids. Such a love of all things electronic! Back into the madness of life, right away driving to basketball games, up to Gaga's and Pepere's house in NH, sick kid, back to cambridge and finally at hotel to the pool. Exhale. After a swim and a large 1/2 pepperoni I could sit back and relax with the fellas. Got the lowdown on school, girls, homework and new games. Everyone is doing great, as am I. I only get it for a little while until I head back so I'll enjoy it while I can. Ryan has his head stuck in books and talks excitedly about crazy ideas, Cole still more sensitive then the rest but definitely "hates" a specific girl in school, and Owen is very excited to show me all the work he's doing in school. So I sat and talked all things about spelling and words and found out his favorite word is portal, which he can't stop giving credit to his half brother. Third time around for Kindergarten is just as amazing as the first...


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