Sneaky Wednesday

By Pat,
So by the time we get back to the hotel I can't even stand being in the same car as the boys, only back a week and they are driving me nuts. Fighting, pushing each others limits, pushing my limits, and I can't stand them. They have gotten me cranky and I don't want to listen to them for a second. All normal kid stuff but rubbing me the wrong way. Then we get in the room and they are still going at it, I get fed up and pulled out the pool card, that's it, we're not going! Of course we still were, but it at least got their attention. I just needed a few minutes to settle myself down and then off to the pool. Once we got inside it was complete relaxation, they just needed space to get their energy out, and I had a big glass of wine, i'm sure it was just coincidence. The boys ran around, splashed, we stayed up late and even watched a little show at 9:45 on a tuesday, how, because it's sneaky wednesday tomorrow.


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