Sometimes, I just forget...

By Pat

But when I forget that my youngest asked me to hang out with him on Sunday (on my offweek), i just feel like a heel. My boys have just started to ask me to pop in with them on a weekend they are with mom. But so recent that it's not a usual occurrence, no excuses though. And Nicole and I are very flexible and easy about pop-ins (with notice of course) that it's a pleasure to be requested by my guys to play with them. Seriously, one of the things I miss most is not being able to wake up with them every day.

Except this morning I was requested to join a friend in his boat for the day, and I never get out on boats, I quickly agreed. And forgot all about my playdate with Owen. Until I got a text from Cole (8), that said he and Owen wanted to come over to my place. Ugh! How could I forget! And I was in the middle of the ocean (how did I even get a text, I can't even make a phone call from the town beach but I can get a text miles out on the ocean!). I felt terrible but got to see them on Monday and put them to bed. For them, having their parents live in two different houses must be tough enough. But when your dad doesn't show, sucks, I see a major special treat coming up for the boys this weekend!! Can you say ice cream, with sprinkles, gummys and chocolate chips. Oh yeah, guilt ice cream sundae, coming up!


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