married to divorce summed up

By Nicole

We were what people thought of as the perfect couple (not that a perfect couple really exists). We had the fabulous wedding, house, kids, family and friends. We lived together for a couple of years before we got married and our marriage lasted for 8 years. When we divorced our youngest was not even 2 years old and our oldest had been diagnosed with type one diabetes only a year before. We shocked everyone with our news. Pat and I shared a lawyer, split everything up and moved into separate houses not far from each other.  He continues to father our children as he did before, just from a different household. I have a daughter from a new relationship and she has been added to our large, non-traditional and very blended family--one that I could never have imagined! Co-parenting is the key not only for the happiness of our children but also for my own sanity! I really don't want this job on my own. All the achievements of my children are a direct result of having so many people who love them: mother, father, step-father, grand-parents,  step-grandparents, and many aunts and uncles. Pat and I share our perspectives in this blog on how we've made it work, obstacles along the way, and living life after divorce.


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