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5 things to do when you're the only parent on duty and the kids are driving you nuts!

By Nicole

Okay, so I think I have a pretty high level of patience. I know I can go a night with little sleep and function the next day (with an extra cup of coffee). But when life gets a little crazy and you're the only parent on duty for several days at a time, let's face it: the kids might start to drive you nuts!
 So ... here are a few things that work for me:

1. Put on music and DANCE. I love dancing and it's fun for me to dance with my kids--gets me out of my funk and they get out lots of energy! We play Michael Franti's "Hello Bonjour" and various versions of Star Wars electronica. (The boys are Star Wars fanatics!) Sometimes we even get a little crazy and do limbo using the broomstick...
Michael Franti!

2. Don't make dinner, take the kids OUT TO EAT, and be sure to order a drink. I know, sounds crazy to some people but I've been known to take 5 kids out by myself on numerous occasions. Lots of places have kids EAT FREE and my oldest is happy to …

Sometimes, I just forget...

By Pat

But when I forget that my youngest asked me to hang out with him on Sunday (on my offweek), i just feel like a heel. My boys have just started to ask me to pop in with them on a weekend they are with mom. But so recent that it's not a usual occurrence, no excuses though. And Nicole and I are very flexible and easy about pop-ins (with notice of course) that it's a pleasure to be requested by my guys to play with them. Seriously, one of the things I miss most is not being able to wake up with them every day.

Except this morning I was requested to join a friend in his boat for the day, and I never get out on boats, I quickly agreed. And forgot all about my playdate with Owen. Until I got a text from Cole (8), that said he and Owen wanted to come over to my place. Ugh! How could I forget! And I was in the middle of the ocean (how did I even get a text, I can't even make a phone call from the town beach but I can get a text miles out on the ocean!). I felt terrible but g…

married to divorce summed up

By Nicole

We were what people thought of as the perfect couple (not that a perfect couple really exists). We had the fabulous wedding, house, kids, family and friends. We lived together for a couple of years before we got married and our marriage lasted for 8 years. When we divorced our youngest was not even 2 years old and our oldest had been diagnosed with type one diabetes only a year before. We shocked everyone with our news. Pat and I shared a lawyer, split everything up and moved into separate houses not far from each other.  He continues to father our children as he did before, just from a different household. I have a daughter from a new relationship and she has been added to our large, non-traditional and very blended family--one that I could never have imagined! Co-parenting is the key not only for the happiness of our children but also for my own sanity! I really don't want this job on my own. All the achievements of my children are a direct result of having so many pe…