The Middle Story-by Nicole

So many lessons in life and love led to the creation of this blog first published March 2012. Our blog begins in the middle years, not in our married years together, and thankfully, not where we are today. 

Once upon a time, I had chronic pain due to a lifetime of living with scoliosis. I was newly and amicably divorced, with three children, then I had another child out of wedlock within a relationship that was hanging by a thread.
My oldest son, had a new onset of type one diabetes, only a couple of years before this time, and it was still so new that it weighed constantly on my mind.
I started to write when I found myself parenting for the first time on my own. I was in for a shock when my ex-husband left to work out of state, and my co-parenting life shifted to becoming mom and dad, in-person anyway. We started Imperfect Love, and we both contributed from a distance. Maybe I needed to see my words to believe it was real.
People have asked me how I survived. It was my family, my children, my writing, and hope. It was the kindness of a friend who listened, and it was doing something for myself every day, even for only a few minutes. Anything to feel like me, despite the pain. Because, from what I've learned, feeling like you don't even recognize yourself, is the worst pain of all.


Published on 3/1/12 and Edited by the author on 4/4/17

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